MATH 1564 Information

MATH 1564, Linear Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces

Fall 2023

The School of Mathematics offers MATH 1564, Linear Algebra with Abstract Vector Spaces, which may be taken by incoming qualified first year students in place of MATH 1553 or MATH 1554 (Intro to Linear Algebra and Linear Algebra, respectively).  MATH 1564 is designed for students who have an exceptional interest in mathematics and a demonstrated competence in its formal study.  MATH 1564 is a challenging course covering the material from MATH 1554 plus abstract vector spaces, suitable for Math, Physics, and CS majors and motivated students.   MATH 1564 offers a more proof-oriented, thorough theoretical development of linear algebra and abstract vector spaces.   Note that MATH 1564 is much more difficult than the typical high school “honors” course.  Both regular and honors courses show the power and usefulness of mathematics through the treatment of applications.  The MATH 1564 class is limited to about 60 students.  For more information about other honors courses, visit the honors mathematics page.

Only students with College Board Calculus AP BC score of 5 or similar experience will receive invitations to apply for MATH 1564.   

APPLYING FOR MATH 1564 DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION.  We will e-mail all applicants the selection committee’s decision at the official GT e-mail addresses and non-GT e-mail addresses (if provided) during FASET, and will issue permits to register for it. Some applicants will be placed on waiting list and will be notified later on if they are admitted.

IF YOU ARE SELECTED TO BE IN MATH 1564, and you wish to enroll in the class, you must register for the section for which you are assigned during your registration time ticket during FASET. All applicants need to be registered by 12:00 PM on Friday, August 18.  If you fail to register for the section by the deadline, your space may be offered to another student on the waiting list. Note: Remember to drop MATH 1553 or MATH 1554 from your schedule when you register for MATH 1564.

IF YOU ARE NOT SELECTED TO BE IN MATH 1564, you should attend the regular linear algebra class for which you are registered.  A waiting list for MATH 1564 will be maintained through August 20.  Note:  If you do not register for any calculus or linear algebra class and are not accepted into the honors class, you will then be left without a math class.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, AUGUST 14, 2024, AT 3:00 P.M. 

Please see the detailed application instructions below.

If you have an AP (College Board) score of BC 5, you are encouraged to consider this course.

If you have advanced placement credit for MATH 1552 from a different source than the College Board AP Exam, please give detailed information on the application form.  See the advanced placement credit information sheet.

Click here for the on-line application form.  We must receive your application form by 3:00 PM on August 14, 2024.

Please e-mail if you need more information about the honors mathematics courses. MATH 1564 is not offered in the spring semester.