Masters Programs

The School of Math houses four different types of Master's programs, each with their own curricular requirements, as described below. Completion of the MS degree takes about one to two years depending on the course load. Please also note that all MS students must satisfy the general requirements for MS degree, described in the GT Catalogue.


The School of Math will not consider spring admissions to the Masters programs below, except for the MS in Mathematics.


The MS in Mathematics, offered by the School of Math, provides opportunities for study in a wide range of mathematical disciplines, and is meant to provide a rigorous introduction to graduate-level mathematics. The School's general advisor for MS Math students is Dr. Chris Jankowski.


The CSE masters program is an interdisciplinary program aimed at students wanting to enrich their exposure to modern computational techniques of use in engineering and the applied sciences. The School's lead advisor and coordinator for the CSE program in Professor Sung Ha Kang.


The main objective of the MS degree program in QCF is to provide students with the practical skills and theoretical understanding they need to be leaders in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of the models used by the financial sector to structure transactions, manage risk and construct investment strategies.


The School of Math together with the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering offer graduate work leading to an MS degree with an emphasis on statistics as a science applicable in a technological environment. The School's lead advisor and coordinator for the MS Stat program is Professor Vladimir Koltchinskii.


Secondary MS degree

Graduate students in other Georgia Tech units who wish to obtain a Masters degree from the School of Math as a secondary MS degree should be aware that: (1) no such request will be considered until at least half of the required coursework for the relevant MS degree has been completed; (2) we will not be able to provide office space or any other type of logistic or financial support; (3) any such request will need to be accompanied by the student transcript, and the Change of Level Form. Please contact Chris Jankowski for more details.


Transfer to the PhD Program

A student enrolled in the Master's degree program in Mathematics who wishes to be admitted to the PhD program in Mathematics should direct his or her request to the School's Director of Graduate Studies. Such a request should be accompanied by: (1) three letters of recommendation two of which are from people in mathematics; (2) a statement of purpose; (3) most recent copies of transcripts. Students who have not passed both the Algebra and Analysis written comprehensive exams are discouraged from requesting upgrade to the PhD level.


Graduation Forms and Procedures

In the semester prior to the semester in which they intend to graduate, MS-Math and MS-Stat students should fill out the Program of Study Form and give it to Chris Jankowski to ensure that they have all the necessary courses to graduate on time. MS-CSE students should see the bottom of the MS-CSE Page for their relevant form and procedure. PhD students who intend to collect an MS degree along the way, also need to fill out the Change of Level Form. Finally, students should petition to graduate by filling out the Online Application for Graduation (make sure that the "Graduate" tab is selected on the top of this page). The deadline for petitioning to graduate in a given semester is usually at the beginning of that semester (see the GT Calendar for the precise date). In general students need to be registered for the semester in which they wish to graduate; however, if they have already satisfied all degree requirements, then they may be exempted from registration by filing out the Enrollment Waiver Form.