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A collection of "BOBbots" in motion (Credit: Shengkai Li, Georgia Tech)
April 29, 2021

Inspired by a theoretical model of particles moving around on a chessboard, new robot swarm research shows that, as magnetic interactions increase, dispersed “dumb robots” — dubbed BOBbots — can gather in compact clusters to accomplish complex tasks.

Teaching Outdoors During the Coronavirus Pandemic
April 19, 2021

A total of 40 awards and honors for College of Sciences instructors, thanks to high rankings from annual student evaluations of faculty

Students by Tech Tower
April 19, 2021

Seven faculty members from five schools in the College of Sciences are among those honored with annual Spring awards from Georgia Tech's Center for Teaching and Learning that celebrate innovation in teaching.

Chris Jankowski
April 18, 2021

Promotions to Senior Academic Professional for Klara Grodzinsky and Chirstopher Jankowski

April 4, 2021

Four professors receive promotions in Spring 2021.