Fall 2017


Undergraduate Research

Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member.

Probability Theory

This course is a mathematical introduction to probability theory, covering random variables, moments, multivariate distributions, law of large numbers, central limit theorem, and large deviations.

Random Discrete Structures

Special topics  course on Random Discrete Structures, offered in Fall 2017 by Lutz Warnke.

The Academic and Industry Job Search

Special topics course on The Academic and Industry Job Search offered in Fall 2017 by Morag Burke.

Introduction to Heegaard Floer homology

Special topics course on Introduction to Heegaard Floer homology offered in Fall 2017 by Jennifer Hom.

Mathematical Problem Solving

Pass/Fail basis. This course is intended to teach general mathematical problem solving skills, and to prepare students to take the Putnam Examination.

Undergraduate Seminar

Pass/fail basis.

This course provides students with a broad exposure to areas of mathematics research through weekly speakers.

Probability and Statistics with Applications

Introduction to probability, probability distributions, point estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression and analysis of variance.

A Second Course on Linear Algebra

This course will cover important topics in linear algebra not usually discussed in a first-semester course, featuring a mixture of theory and applications.

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical logic and proof, mathematical induction, counting methods, recurrence relations, algorithms and complexity, graph theory and graph algorithms.


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