Fall 2020


Undergraduate Research

Independent research conducted under the guidance of a faculty member.

Percolation Models

Special Topics course offered in Fall 2020 by Michael Damron.

Topics in Algebraic Topology

Special topics course on Algebraic Topology, offered in Fall 2020 by Jonathan Beardsley.

Mapping Class Groups

Special topics course on Mapping Class Groups, offered in Fall 2020 by Dan Margalit.

Topics in Matroid Theory

Special topics course on Topics in Matroid Theory, offered in Fall 2020 by Matt Baker.

College Algebra

Study of the properties of algebraic, exponential, and logarithmic functions as needed for pre-calculus and calculus.

Bridge to Mathematics

Special topics course offered in Fall 2020 by Anton Leykin for the Honors Program (HP) crosslisted with a general section (LEY), on "Bridge to Mathematics"

Bridge to Mathematics

Special Topics course "Bridge to Mathematics" by Anton Leykin, for the Honors Program section and a general section, offered in Fall 2020.

Probability Theory

This course is a mathematical introduction to probability theory, covering random variables, moments, multivariate distributions, law of large numbers, central limit theorem, and large deviations.

Mathematical Problem Solving

Pass/Fail basis. This course is intended to teach general mathematical problem solving skills, and to prepare students to take the Putnam Examination.


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