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Domains of Analyticity and Gevrey estimates in weakly dissipative systems.

Dissertation Defense
Friday, August 27, 2021 - 12:00 for 1 hour (actually 50 minutes)
Adrian Perez BustamanteGeorgia Tech

We consider the problem of following quasi-periodic tori in perturbations of Hamiltonian systems which involve friction and external forcing.
In the first part, we study a family of dissipative standard maps of the cylinder for which the dissipation is a function of a small complex parameter of perturbation, $\varepsilon$.  We compute perturbative expansions formally in $\varepsilon$ and use them to estimate the shape of the domains of analyticity of invariant circles as functions of $\varepsilon$. We also give evidence that the functions might belong to a Gevrey class. The numerical computations we perform support conjectures on the shape of the domains of analyticity.

In the second part, we study rigorously the(divergent) series of formal expansions of the torus obtained using Lindstedt method.   We show that, for some systems in the literature, the series is Gevrey. We hope that the method of proof can be of independent interest: We develop KAM estimates for the divergent series. In contrast with the regular KAM method, we loose control of all the domains, so that there is no convergence, but we can generate enough control to show that the series is Gevrey.