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Artist's concept of an ice-covered planet in a distant solar system, resembling what early Earth may have looked like it the right mix of microbial metabolisms and volcanic processes hadn’t warmed the climate. Source: European southern observatory (EXO).
May 18, 2023

Prof. Rafael de la Llave is quoted in an article about research into the dynamics of the solar system.

Dan Margalit
April 30, 2023

Dan Margalit has a featured article in the AMS Notices which appears on this month's cover page.

About 250 students, parents, and teachers attended this year's Georgia Tech High School Math Day at Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons. (Photo Renay San Miguel)
April 28, 2023

Since 1958, the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech has hosted a day-long math competition for high school students. This year, hundreds of students took part in an expanded day of activities.

Mosaic Turbulence
April 19, 2023

The award, for “Chaotic dynamics of systems with noise,” will help Blumenthal continue tackling some of the most difficult questions in his field– those of chaotic fluid dynamics

Mosaic Network
April 18, 2023

The new theory brings together work from mathematics and computer science, greatly increasing the tools available to both fields.