October 11, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

Congratulations go to Klara Grodzinsky, Enid Steinhart, and Lutz Warnke, who are all winners of the 2018 Class of 1940 Course Survey Effectiveness Award. These awards recognize faculty members with exceptional scores and response rates in CIOS.   Further details about the award are below. Congratulations!

About the Awards

A few years ago, funds were identified to further recognize excellence in teaching at Georgia Tech. Some of these funds are used to reward faculty members with exceptional scores and response rates on the Course-Instructor Opinion Survey (CIOS). A maximum of 40 awards are given out each year. The proportion of “small” classes and “large” classes that qualify are based on the proportion of those classes in the GT catalog for the past three years. 

Courses under consideration for this award were taught during Fall 2017and Spring 2018. The criteria for selection for the award included a CIOS response rate of 85% and above for Fall and/or Spring semesters and: The top 12 rankings (ties broken by response rate) of a class size of at least 40 students with a CIOS score for the question which reads “Overall, this instructor is an effective teacher” of at least 4.9; and The top 28 rankings (ties broken by response rate) of a class size of at least 15 students and a CIOS score for the same question of at least 4.9, or a 5 (or greater) credit course with a size of at least 10 and a CIOS score for the same question of at least 4.9. 

October 3, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

In the Fall of 2003 — not long after retiring from her 28-year career as a mathematics professor at Kennesaw State University — Elaine M. Hubbard, MATH 1972, MS MATH 1974, Ph.D. MATH 1980, felt compelled to take action that would have a lasting impact on her alma mater.

That September, Hubbard signed an endowment agreement whose income would one day establish the Elaine M. Hubbard Endowed Chair in the School of Mathematics — the School’s first endowed faculty chair. 

By establishing an endowment fund through her Will, Hubbard knew she would never meet any of the distinguished academics who would ultimately hold the Hubbard Chair. She did know, however, that her estate gift would one day play a vital role in developing and strengthening Georgia Tech’s mathematics faculty, which had long ago helped lay the foundation for her own success as a scholar and teacher. 

Following the Board of Regents’ approval of the Hubbard Chair earlier this year, the School of Mathematics is now embarking on an international search to fill this pivotal position of academic leadership. 

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September 21, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

The 2019 AMS Short Course on “Sum of Squares: Theory and Applications” will take place January 14-15 at the Hilton Baltimore in Baltimore, MD, just prior to the Joint Mathematics Meetings. Please see the link below for more information.



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